For many homeless people, a Property Agent roof over their head is but one problem in a combination of multiple needs that together destroy the sense of self-worth in an individual. The charities that CRASH helps are working to provide the help, guidance and advice needed to rebuild confidence and help individuals face the issues confronting them.

Only then can there be a realistic expectation of a person sustaining a tenancy without the fear of their returning to the street. The CRASH trustees have initiated a legal buying house process risk assessment strategy to ensure that the buyers’ agent fees charity is in step with the developments of the homelessness sector. In 2003, a survey of buildings used by homelessness charities will be carried out to establish the potential demand on CRASH and to identify the size. It will also help us to develop our programme to increase involvement by the staff of our Patron companies. CRASH makes donations work really hard every penny donated to CRASH goes directly to support our project work, not on our administrative costs.

Each of the main political parties is now developing the key policy initiatives that will form the basis of many of its manifesto pledges. Asked if there were concerns that people were borrowing too much to buy their first property, he referred to the checks lenders. We are delighted to respond to the consultation draft on behalf of our members and would offer the following comments. We would support the House Agent outline of the remit of the proposed Joint Community Care Committee as presented in section 2.2 and would Buyers Agent Reviews agree with the statement in 2.3 that the remit of the Joint Strategy Forum as identified in Appendix 2 appears to be quite limited. The legislative and policy context in sections 3 provides a useful overview of the context within which the Committee’s work will be performed.

There is also a clear rationale within this section to the creation of the Committee which is evidently seen as more able than the Strategy Group to take forward the Modernising Community. Care and Joint Futures Group agenda particularly in the areas of joint commissioning, pooled resources and integrated service delivery. It is clear that the Joint Strategy Forum should be dissolved if the Joint Committee is developed. However, there is a suggestion within the committee paper that links between the Strategy Forum and the Strategy Group were underdeveloped.