Pelly Construction Ltd. was awarded $370,000 for base construction to repair the road surface at various locations along the Top of the World Highway between Dawson City and the Alaska border. The project will employ eight to ten people from late July to the end of August. Loucheux Enterprises Ltd., also of Whitehorse, received a $200,000 contract to produce and stockpile aggregate at three pits along the Robert Campbell Highway between Carmacks and Faro. About ten workers will be employed during the month of July to crush gravel for use by the Yukon government’s maintenance camps along this route. WHITEHORSE – This fall, Whitehorse bus riders will discover that reading poetry can be a “moving” experience. The Yukon Cultural Services Branch is seeking poetry submissions for Moving Words – Poetry in Transit. view more: TDS Nationwide

This initiative, also supported by the City of Whitehorse and the Canada Council for the Arts, will see Whitehorse Transit buses become mobile canvases that showcase the work of selected Yukon poets. Following similar successful programs in several other Canadian jurisdictions, including Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton, the pairing creates a more enjoyable experience for Whitehorse Transit users, cultivates the local poetry community and makes their work accessible to a diverse group of Whitehorse residents. Poets are encouraged to submit work that represents a range of styles and subjects.

The project will feature the work of 11 Yukon poets to be displayed on Whitehorse Transit posters. The goal is to connect transit riders with the work of Yukon poets from both the grass-roots and senior level, We are delighted to partner with the City of Whitehorse and the Canada Council to make this project happen. Submissions are to be 10 lines or less and may consist of a single poem or an excerpt of a longer piece. A committee of literary and community representatives will select the poems for display on the buses.

Examples of poetry transit posters from other cities may be viewed at the Arts Section at 100 Hanson Street in Whitehorse. Those outside Whitehorse may contact the Section for an electronic or fax version. We’re really excited about being able to provide these devices to the Yukon community health centres, This is one more tool community nurse practitioners will now have to provide reliable rural cardiac care.

A person getting into the process of making of various types of tax depreciation schedules has to make overall records of the various types of expenses and incomes first. Each and everything holds a unique importance in it not even a single information of the client should be missed. Many types of strategies are made for the clients looking upon their standard of living. The extent to which paragraph 1.31 of the PPS puts a break on spatial planning needs to be clarified. This paragraph says: “Only policies that can be implemented through the granting of planning permission… can form the framework for decisions under Clause 37 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill”.

All major local authority departments and other agencies should be encouraged to prepare their own spatially presented, but sector specific, strategies for integration with Local Development Frameworks or Regional Spatial Strategies as appropriate. Regional Spatial Strategies should not be constrained by administrative boundaries. For example, Deeside is the North West region’s biggest growth area.

Things are made and decided in unique ways as per convince and satisfaction of the clients. The depreciator has to make a special note of giving complete satisfaction to his client as per his need and at the end of guaranteed results. It is therefore rightly included in the North West Regional Planning Guidance (not all RPG/RSS adopt this principle). This letter sets out the TCPA’s response to your consultation document, “Unlocking the potential of the rural urban fringe”.

It sympathises with the suggested vision for such areas as a general statement, whilst noting that the relevance of its ten elements will vary between different areas and will also be relevant to areas which are more purely rural or urban. It agrees that the approaches listed in the annex can be helpful in unlocking the potential of particular rural urban areas.

Choose from the wide range of decor objects available, including tables, chairs, barbecues, garden. sculptures, paddling pools, stones, etc. You can even change the color of some of them. Garden Composer allows you to set OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) objects on your plan. They are the end products of different programs that can be imported onto your plan, for example, text from MS Word or image from Corel Draw. Once imported, they remain editable by their original program tools. You can change their power (wattage) and height, to vary the speed of light they give. Select this to place decor objects into your plan.

At any stage in the design process you can see a 3D presentation of your garden. Either look at it from different viewpoints, or rotate around a given point to give you a better perspective of your garden. Take a look at 3D view samples. If you have both the Plant window and the 3D view open at any one time, every update you make in the plan view will be reflected in the 3D view.

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It is the use of an instrument such as the Use Classes Order, which requires everything to be slotted into a pre-defined category rather than be judged on its individual merits, that creates the difficulty of definition. It seems to us that if this system is to be used the disparate uses in Class D1 need to be distinguished, on the basis of their impact, rather than being lumped together as Option 3 suggests. We consider that the impact of nightclubs can differ greatly from that of either pubs or dance halls as normally understood and we therefore disagree strongly with the suggestion that they should be in the same class as either.

We consider that they should be in a class of their own, as suggested in Option 2. Their general character is very variable, but we would suggest that it would be more appropriate to put this class in Group A than Group D. The present scope of temporary uses seems to be too wide, and as this is a general problem it would not be appropriate to use Article 4 Directions to deal with it. We consider this to be intended for abnormal situations, to be cumbersome, and to be flawed because of the compensation provisions.

Option 2 looks like overkill, and likely to raise difficulties even for the village fete. Option 3 appears to us to control the things that cause most difficulty in terms of impact upon others, without imposing burdens where there is no significant problem. However, we are concerned that Farmers Markets would be affected by this option, so would prefer to see a way of distinguishing between bona fide farmers markets and other markets, and keeping permitted development rights for Farmers Markets.

Option 4 would in our view still be undesirable, Property Buyers Agent Reviews for the reasons set out in paragraph 8.14. Option 5 would be impossible to administer effectively, as would Option 6 which would also introduce problems of speed of response given that local people would certainly need to be consulted. The Town & Country Planning Association welcomes the opportunity to respond to the consultation paper: Compulsory Purchase and Compensation: Delivering a Fundamental Change. The TCPA is an NGO that campaigns inter alia for the reform of the UK planning system to promote public participation entering civil Engineering sector in the year 1974 with a futuristic vision in sight they’ve continued the focus on the same goal of getting ahead of times.