Building bungalow it was a big mansion you know with five bedrooms and five bathrooms on it the task carriage Bell main is an ambitious plan involves several developers creating a new summer comprised of two thousand four hundred houses and apartments when an early phase a bell main.

was launched in the sales promotion caused quite a stir II I dont look like I am harassed about the sorry yeah now and I usually at this development in the capital the advertising boards promised a luxury lifestyle homes that was for sale in for half a million euros five years later cant attract buyers and even half that price theyve been dubbed ghost two states there a haunting reminder love how Irish Banks pinged and how the government.

last all since of proportion Anna Collins house was meant to be part have an underdevelopment the Irish Midlands spouse I was very excited as and I was given was a lovely glossy brochure and computer-generated image it self small developments landscaped am gardens green area crash as really look for it to move in and to start a new life in a new house a savings went on the deposit for her dream home it was just mass hysteria the time to buy a house to get some her get on the property ladder and a couples it and make a fortune by taking place.

know when you drive into the house and Stace and you see does no street lights theres no prominent role to its actual temp resurfaced stern for pattern finished theres open foundations for pipe sticking up through them the house is worth just over half what you paid for it on the stage its aromatherapist you know people drive up and down here on a Sunday you watch cars come in upstart I thought it was to you has suspended chance a buying now I think its just to come in and just say how truly