Resurrect the prior to building as opposed to just borrowing because what we dont understand sometimes is that in am tomorrow a build a moat people call the right now who arm a lot of this stuff is out here it was a really built for us you know it wasnt these corporations were created by other people though Mathis is a hundred years ago air we getting there in week somehow become disappointed surprise.

when we retreated differently Perth Property Valuations because we black we dont get the same opportunities but you cant really move is somebody elses house in the expect to be a shift around the furniture it is does not really work Im so I think taking their pride in building your own house and you can be proud that read I just think about is if you start your businesswomans not you not gonna be balling before while if ever right but you have to you cant realize you kid you cant judge the quality the tree by the sow the seed every every trees.

not start pinyin you grow then you go there were several generations even large companies like the Ford Motor Company if you look at the history and company like theirs starting off in the tiny see it was it was nothing now its massive and I think we have to ask ourselves not about whats happening in but whats going to happen in with our grandchildren great are you pass out they were playing those who did not think this is the first generation have well for black people you meet civil rights act without the many things but were still with aggregation fifty-one years ago year but I that a man I I dont even know black people had that much well.

enough other options so you can walk in say f you Im out if you cant really do that then I would say you have to adjust something in your life just because you committed to something doesnt mean you dont have options right solo um you know is there no pride in having a Bosnian I dont think we can agree with the statement like that per secy %ah because his dignity working hard no matter.

what but I do think that if you are being picked my life you gotta make an adjustment I get outta my friends whom I complain all the time I hate my job Hit my but I hate is Michael you cant complain a pic to man you got it do something about tin that case if you really need it and is now would you want to do at some point instead of complaining for years and years and years you gotta get uplift.

you know and and do something change it getting jab meet somewhere between a tease yeah absolutely i mean you know a lot of were I think we have to embrace is the idea that I want to believe I wanna be the best about would aim was trying to doom and I think that this is a conversation has be head with the community not with one person leading this with the me him or anybody else up you know all these ideas are to blame table but I think that way Ill we need to really consider is the ideal importance a building things.

weened a nation to builds well love Louis Farrakhan for example at hes one of my favorite black doubleheader built his stuff you know hed in climate somebody elses tree P planted the seed in rules on Theme clan ton tablet I mean it with our path read what I was passed but at the same time you know if theres a building mentality within the nation Islam that think we can all learn from it does not mean that you dont partnership it doesnt mean theres no pride in working for the people per se I mean I akid I kid south on my desk but I do think that we have.


The one would you guys are out therepost your listings which you do or or you might poston Craigslist like different search criteria ordering thethis is the crack our class generated Byerlys on Craigslist but every timeyou guys do this you betthis youre taking this opportunity to put in therethe fact that that you guys also help yes sell their house rightexactly and thats with the haha for us was one time wewe had a fire under contract and i was just talking to a Mexican so excited youguys got your inspections andI use the same script I told you about earlier they said yet which would haveknown you when we left that areI wish we did not use all the houses we looked at ourswe just listed it last week with another agent but what do you meanshow so we thought you only work with buyers.

We didnt realize thesellers Ill and so once you help us find the housewe called Sydney Property Valuation another agent put this one on the market and it was likepalm to forehead oh my gosh we gotta start telling people what we doBob right so you have ayou have a tab for a or page on your websiteright where you could drive somebody for them to be able to give you theiraddress to get the valueup their home in this doesnt necessarily have to be a taboo theresalsoyou could have a blog post it with a move through for murder or something butsome somewhere that if somebodys interestedit Bahrain they could armweek ago right select from a Craigslist ad that we just saw alright this lakeright here have a home to sell quick here for information on saw your home isgoing to drive theso to this page is that right yeah in mathwhat.

I what Ive heard yes at the lastbrandy select you using a woman who formed at the bottom hasNew York New York for is going to yougenerate more leaks like this is really branding richso we dont get hun elites from mass Imwe do the house values which they get a lot of waysokay so have somewhere right that you could drivepeople so whether that be on your blog post youve got that link that says heyforinformation about so your house check me out herebut you have to have some kind of a landing page where people can actuallygive you some peace for informationyoure saying that the last spreading the betterokay out that Godas said youre right aka so fake bitchob talk to me a little bit about summer that bitchthings that you guys are doing in terms of targetedsellers so thats its just like with buyers you can get a long tail keywordsearches for buyersself Im an agent working for sellers online Im gonna go to youyou know a lot long-shot your churchs exchangesI two horses I you knowprobates.

Im you know type N Thingslike if you had in your favorite things I loved your blog postask a question right beginning and Id saysomething like so right now Im asking myselfmy has been just passed away and I need to sell my house what should I do youyou wouldnt believe how many people type things like that into Googlelike you know might you know Im getting divorced and I need to sell my housewhat should I doand if that if you have back you work match in your blog post are gonna findyouat those kind of things arethats what creates sales opportunities divorcesthe job relocations Iyou have to play mats suggesting come all thea all the different reasons the people whats our houseand use those to you you knowkeyword in rich your blog postokay so lets talkso I asked him before because I didnt want this to seem like a sales pitch soIm like Jeremiahyou guys have to you I know that uses house fires in New York Mets thatyou have to buy leads from somewhere else right that he actually told meno door we only buy leadsfrom house values so talk to me for a second aboutwhy wide just house values.