At this time I will not be a candidate for the commission chairman, but I would like to thank everyone for their phone calls and encouragement, McBride said. McBride, 67, would have run as a Democrat in the June 1 primaries. Chairman Larry Bennich announced last week that he does not plan to seek re-election. So far, District 1 Commissioner Jeff Clark is the only candidate to qualify to seek the Democratic nomination for the chairmans post. No other candidates have qualified to run for the job in the Republican primary.

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Officials are seeking small-business partners for subcontracts. The Small Business Innovation Research program needs advancements to bring the best technology available to the war fighter, said Steve Brecken, Raytheons media-relations manager. Although the contract is between the Army, Marines and Raytheon, aspects of the project will require work from The Boeing Co., Quantum Research International, Madison Research Corp., and U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Lab.

The work will be performed at the companies facilities in Huntsville and at Raytheon facilities in New England. The mood was distinctly jovial Monday morning at Raytheon Co. as officials signed a contract commissioning the company to design a computer system to combine radar with a missile-launching system on a Humvee. The system combines the missile with radar sensors and a launcher, all under one control panel. It is largely made up of computer software, and according to Dan Smith, president of Raytheon, the project will employ about 50 people during the five-year contract.

Much of the project is a matter of integrating tools the armed forces already have. The military has the Humvees, radar and missiles. The Army and the Marines commissioned Raytheon to develop the computer software to bring those systems together, and to build the control panels that soldiers operate from inside the vehicles. The missiles are shot from a vehicle on the ground to bring down enemy cruise missiles, unmanned aircraft and airplanes.