This year, the 45th round of the Civic Trust Award scheme, entries are invited from countryside and county town areas across the United Kingdom (full list of eligible areas attached). In 2003, last countryside year, Award winners ranged from the Eden Project in Cornwall and the Forum in Norwich to the conversion of The Barn in Oxfordshire into the HQ for the Aston Martin Owners Club, or the restoration of Trenabie Mills on the island of Westray, Orkney. New buildings, restorations, landscape design, town center improvements and public art are all eligible to enter.
To solve the legal steps it is required to handle the full process of with the expertise hands and this will do by the legal valuers of the real estate field. This is always beneficial if you are working with the licensed valuer for solving the complex property valuation process. Details of winning projects from previous years, as well as the application form for the 2005 Civic Trust Awards, are available online. Closing date for entries is 17 September 2004 and winners will be announced at a ceremony in Spring 2005. The scheme runs on a two-year cycle to cover the entire country. Over the past two years, nearly 300 projects have been recognized in the Civic Trust Awards.

The second series of Restoration is set to hit our screens later this summer, once again highlighting the plight of some of the nations forgotten architectural gems. The enormous success of last year’s programme showed the degree to which the British public has taken restoration issues to their heart. Then the valuers will do the steps of the valuation process in such a way that the process will never face any problem in making the successful property valuation process. And in this way, you will easily get the price of the house by ending the valuation process by the expert and legal valuers,

This is hardly surprising considering the number of listed buildings which are lost every year; buildings that may not be nationally recognizable but which are hugely important at a local level. Of some 370,000 grade I, II* or II listed buildings in England alone, 17,000 of these are at risk of being lost forever. This is despite laws which mean that, in theory, these buildings cannot be demolished or have their style or character changed without permission. The importance of looking after our local heritage cannot be overstated and this is something which the Civic Trust, through the work of its Civic Society movement, Heritage Open Days and the Civic Trust Awards, is aiming to promote.

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Pelly Construction Ltd. was awarded $370,000 for base construction to repair the road surface at various locations along the Top of the World Highway between Dawson City and the Alaska border. The project will employ eight to ten people from late July to the end of August. Loucheux Enterprises Ltd., also of Whitehorse, received a $200,000 contract to produce and stockpile aggregate at three pits along the Robert Campbell Highway between Carmacks and Faro. About ten workers will be employed during the month of July to crush gravel for use by the Yukon government’s maintenance camps along this route. WHITEHORSE – This fall, Whitehorse bus riders will discover that reading poetry can be a “moving” experience. The Yukon Cultural Services Branch is seeking poetry submissions for Moving Words – Poetry in Transit. view more: TDS Nationwide

This initiative, also supported by the City of Whitehorse and the Canada Council for the Arts, will see Whitehorse Transit buses become mobile canvases that showcase the work of selected Yukon poets. Following similar successful programs in several other Canadian jurisdictions, including Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton, the pairing creates a more enjoyable experience for Whitehorse Transit users, cultivates the local poetry community and makes their work accessible to a diverse group of Whitehorse residents. Poets are encouraged to submit work that represents a range of styles and subjects.

The project will feature the work of 11 Yukon poets to be displayed on Whitehorse Transit posters. The goal is to connect transit riders with the work of Yukon poets from both the grass-roots and senior level, We are delighted to partner with the City of Whitehorse and the Canada Council to make this project happen. Submissions are to be 10 lines or less and may consist of a single poem or an excerpt of a longer piece. A committee of literary and community representatives will select the poems for display on the buses.

Examples of poetry transit posters from other cities may be viewed at the Arts Section at 100 Hanson Street in Whitehorse. Those outside Whitehorse may contact the Section for an electronic or fax version. We’re really excited about being able to provide these devices to the Yukon community health centres, This is one more tool community nurse practitioners will now have to provide reliable rural cardiac care.