Resurrect the prior to building as opposed to just borrowing because what we dont understand sometimes is that in am tomorrow a build a moat people call the right now who arm a lot of this stuff is out here it was a really built for us you know it wasnt these corporations were created by other people though Mathis is a hundred years ago air we getting there in week somehow become disappointed surprise.

when we retreated differently Perth Property Valuations because we black we dont get the same opportunities but you cant really move is somebody elses house in the expect to be a shift around the furniture it is does not really work Im so I think taking their pride in building your own house and you can be proud that read I just think about is if you start your businesswomans not you not gonna be balling before while if ever right but you have to you cant realize you kid you cant judge the quality the tree by the sow the seed every every trees.

not start pinyin you grow then you go there were several generations even large companies like the Ford Motor Company if you look at the history and company like theirs starting off in the tiny see it was it was nothing now its massive and I think we have to ask ourselves not about whats happening in but whats going to happen in with our grandchildren great are you pass out they were playing those who did not think this is the first generation have well for black people you meet civil rights act without the many things but were still with aggregation fifty-one years ago year but I that a man I I dont even know black people had that much well.